TIME Events / 16 May 2024
08.30 am – 08.55 am Morning Devotion and Opening Prayer
– Pastor Bernard Nako, Vanuatu Christian Council
09.00 am – 09.25 am Welcome

Welcome and Introductory Remarks - Cherol A. Ianna, Director General, Ministry of Prime Minister and responsible for ICT
09.30 am – 09.55 am
Lightening Talk

Topic: Challenges and opportunities for Digital Innovation in Vanuatu

Speaker: Mr. Fred Samuel, Founder & Director, Pacific Group (7mins)
Mrs. Dalsie B. Tolang, ICT National Project Manager – ADB Consultant (7mins)

Host: Mr. John Jack, Deputy Chief Information Officer, OGCIO


Vanuatu has faced several challenges in its journey on digital transformation. Some exxamples are natural disasters and climate change, infrastructure gaps, financial and digital inclusion including digital literacy, policy and regulatory frameworks, economic vulnerabilities and limited local content and innovation. Despite these challenges, Vanuatu has demonstrated resilience and commitment to digitalal transformation. The Lightening Talk session will give some high level views on these challenges and to help the audience to prepare them to participate in the panel discussion that follows.

Buffer time: 5 mins
10.00 am – 11.30 am
Session 1: Boosting Growth and Strengthening Productivity in Service Delivery


  1. Creating an enabling environment for Digital Governance: XXXXXXXXXX.(20 mins)
  2. Digital Innovation for sustainable and transparent service delivery: Mr. Marc Gerard, IDEA & V-Lab)(20 mins)

Moderator: Louise Letlet, Manager VAMU (TBC)


During the Pandemic, the whole world went online to conduct business. But in reality digital transformation has the capability to strengthen service delivery at all levels by enabling efficiency, effectives and transparency. How can digital innovation boost growth and strengthen productivity in service delivery in Vanuatu? Have we started doing something? If we are not, what are the challenges that are holding us back? If we have start, then are we doing enough?

Buffer time: 5 mins
11.45 am – 12.45 pm
Sponsors Promotional Session 1

Topic: Digital Innovation Solutions Promotion

Participating Sponsors : Digicel, Vodafone, MoTC, D2UNet, Welchman Keen, Dept of Industries

Host: TBC


This session gives opportunities to the Sponsors to promote their businesses and their service offerings in terms of digital innovations promoting sustainable development.

Buffer time: 5 mins
12.40 pm – 1.00 pm
Lightening Talk

Topic: Building an Inclusive Digital Future

Speaker: Mr. Aaron Boyd, Managing Partner, Welchman Keen (7 mins)
Brill Palmer, Principal Trade Analyst, VAMU (TBC) (7 mins)

Host: Mr. John Jack, Deputy Chief Information Officer, OGCIO


Building an inclusive digital future requires a collective effort from governments, businesses, NGOs, and individuals. It involves creating affordable technology, promoting digital literacy, fostering accessible design, and addressing policy issues like net neutrality and cybersecurity. By working together, we can ensure that the digital world is a space of opportunity and progress for all.

Buffer time: 5 mins
1.05 pm – 2.35 pm
Session 2: Driving Innovation, Diversifying Tourism - Boosting Economy

PresentaIon :

  1. Can ICT Incentivises growth in Tourism – Boosting Economy: Mr. Thomas Bruce, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone (Vanuatu) Ltd (20 mins)
  2. Opportunities to boost local tourism through Remote Workers: Mr. Howard Aru, General Manager VCCI (20 mins)

Panel Members : Mr. Howard Aru, General Manager VCCI, Mrs. Adela Aru, Chief Executive Officer, Vanuatu Tourism Office (TBC), Paul Pio, Director, Department of Tourism, Mr. Fred Samuel, National e-Commerce Strategy Consultant (50 mins)

Moderator : Mr. John Jack, Deputy Chief Information Officer, OGCIO


The nature of work has undergone a dramatic change over the last few years. Many countries continue to embrace flexible work. Digital nomadism is a transformation force reshaping how and where we work and has the potential to diversify tourism industries. But leaders need to find the best approach which should include strong government involvement, high quality broadband connectivity, the importance of multi-stakeholder collaborations and local engagement. What should we as a country do to embrace such a transformative force?

Buffer time: 5 mins
2.40 pm – 3.30 pm
Fireside Chat

Topic : Fear or Fact: Is AI leading? (TBC)

Speakers : Edward, CyberCX (TBC), and Welchman Keen (TBC)

Moderator : John Jack, Deputy Chief Information Officer


An informed citizenry is at the heart of democracy. Access to a healthy information ecosystem that allows people to be exposed to a variety of ideas lays the foundation of an open, free, and inclusive public debate. This is crucial for elections and everything in between. With the advent of generative AI we are left with a wholly new democratic question: Who – or what – is informing citizens in 2024 and beyond? (TBC)

Buffer time: 5 mins
3.35 pm – 5.30 pm
Service Medal Award (Selected Recipients ONLY)

Host: TBC


Vanuatu ICT/Telecom sector has under gone transformation over the last years since the liberalization of the market and the establishment of the Regulator in the sector. There are individuals in the sector that have contributed immensely to shaping the sector that has impacted the economy of Vanuatu. The Service Medal Awards will be presented to the selected individuals in recognition for their efforts and contribution.

Buffer time: 5 mins
5.35 pm – 6.35 pm
Street Battle Dance : 5 Groups

Host: Alpha Salong, Dancer and Mentor, Street Dance, Wan Smol Bag Theater

Buffer time: 5 mins
6.40 pm – 9.00 pm
Digital Innovation Pitching Night

Host: TBC


Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful business. It drives growth, attracts investors, and sets you apart from the competition. And when it comes to pitching your ideas, innovation is the key to standing out in a pitch competition. Therefore, innovators must effectively pitch their ideas by focusing on a problem, identifying a digital innovative solution, showcasing the true unique value of the proposition, demonstrating the market demand, visualizing the future impact, building trust and credibility, and making their innovation tangible to their audience.

TIME Events / 17 May 2024
07.30 am – 07.55 am Devotion and Prayer : Ps. Bernard Nako, Vanuatu Christian Council
08.00 am – 08.55 am Street Battle Dance – Front of Convention Centre: 3 finalists

Host: Alpha Salong, Dancer and Mentor, Wan Smol Bag Theatre

09.00 am – 09.10 am

Arrival of Hon Prime Minister

09.20 am – 10.00 am
Official Opening Ceremony

Master of Ceremony: Minnie Bani, Senior Compliance Officer, Dept of Labour

  • Mr. Jimmy Rantes, Director General, Ministry of Trade & Commerce
  • Mr. Thomas Bruce, Chief Exective Officer, Vodafone (Vanuatu) Ltd
  • Mr. Shannon Ryan, Director, Governance for Growth, Australian Government
  • Mr. Jawad Ali Khan, Chief Technical Officer, Digicel (Vanuatu) Limited
  • Her Excellency Mdme Nicola Simmonds, High Commissioner of New Zealand and Dean of the Diplomatic Corp
  • Ms. Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Secretary General, ITU
  • Official Keynote Address: Prime Minister and Minister of ICT, Hon. Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas (MP)
Buffer time: 5 mins
10.05 am – 11.35 am
Session 3: Cyber Security and AI: Is your OrganizaIon / Business Prepared


  1. Global Threat Intelligence Landscape and How Businesses and Organisations should prepare: Mr. Alex, CyberCX, Australia (20 mins)
  2. Sharing the experiences from the November 2022 Ransomware Attack: Dr. Jeffery Garae, Cyber Security Consultant, OGCIO (20 mins)

Panel Members: Dr. Jeffery Garae, Cyber Security Consultant – OGCIO, Alex, CyberCX, Dineshwar Lal, Founder/Director, D2UNet, Welchman Keen (50 mins)

Moderator: Mr. Romney Marum, Manager Engineering & Consumer Care Division , Utilities Regulatory Authority


The cyber-threat continues to evolve and will be benefitting from geopolitical instability, enhanced digital attack capabilities, and growing inter-dependencies and vulnerability throughout supply-chains and our critical infrastructures. All organizations – big or small, remain under near constant pressure from online threats. Pre-positioning of malware and insider threats must be assumed. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to reshape our society and transform our societies. This technology comes with remarkable opportunities but also significant governance challenges. What should be your organization’s or business priorities? How can organizations / businesses mitigate cyber risks? What measures are needed to protect organizations’ / businesses’ data? And how should leaders / board of directors respond to the growing opportunities and challenges that follow?

Buffer time: 5 mins
11.40 am – 12.40 pm
School Debate Final Round

Debate Topic: Is AI safe for Children

Host: TBC


Debates provides students the opportunity to explore real-world topics and issues. Debates engage students through self reflection and encourage them to learn from their peers. Debates promote critical thinking and critical public speaking element.

Buffer time: 5 mins
12.45 pm – 1.45 pm
Sponsors Promotional Session 2

Topic : Digital Innovation promoting Sustainable Development

Participating Sponsors : Digicel, Vodafone, MoTC, D2UNet and Welchman Keen & Dept of Industries


This session gives opportunities to the Sponsors to promote their businesses and their service offerings in terms of digital innovations promoting sustainable development.

Buffer time: 5 mins
1.50 pm – 3.20 pm
Session 4: Digital Ecosystem and Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities

Presentation :

  1. Human Resource Capacity – Are we ready?: Mr. Wade Evans, Principal, Vanuatu Institute Technology (TBC) (20 mins)
  2. Conducive Environment for Innovation: Mr. James Hudson, Chief People Officer, TitanFX TBC (20 mins)

Panel Members: Mr. Peter Namak, Managing Director, Pacific Networks, Thomas Leroy, ICT Specialist, EBS (TBC), Mr. Byron Wells, Consultant, WanTok (TBC) (50 mins)

Moderator: Lauro Vives, WHO ICT Consultant, MoH


Digital ecosystems enable businesses and organisations to interact with customers, partners, adjacent industries / sectors, and even competitors through standardized digital platforms. Businesses and organisations can leverage digital ecosystems to enhance customer experiences, streamline workflows, improve data reporting and analysis, and facilitate quicker content creation. By participating in digital ecosystems, businesses and organizations can position themselves for growth, innovation, and diversified opportunities in the digital landscape.

Buffer time: 5 mins
3.25 pm – 5.00 pm
Session 5: Sustainable Mobile Connectivity – After UAP then What?

Presentation :

  1. Emerging Network Developments in the Pacific: Scott Minehane, Managing Director, Windsor Place Consulting (20 mins)
  2. UAP Implementation, Lessons Learnt and the future of connectivity in Vanuatu: Mr. Brian Winji – Regulator TRBR (20 mins)

Panel Members: Mr. Jawad Ali Khan, Chief Technology Officer, Digicel, Mr. Everett Christopher, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone, Niall Downy, General Manager, ICL, Gerard Metsan, Chief Information, OGCIO (50 mins)

Moderator: John Jack, Deputy CIO


Objective(s): Mobile connectivity continues to be a lifeline for society, helping the most vulnerable people in areas affected by natural disasters to stay as we see a lot in Vanuatu. It is also enabling advanced connectivity capabilities needed by verticals to innovate amid diverse political, social and macroeconomic headwinds. What are some the experiences and lessons learnt during the Universal Access Policy implementation? What is delaying the decreasing of mobile broadband price in Vanuatu? What is/are our way forward after UAP?

Buffer time: 5 mins
5.05 pm – 6.05 pm

Vote of Thanks – Chair of National ICT Days 2024 (NID-24)

Buffer time: 5 mins

This Year's Theme

Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development

Building a sustainable future demands innovative thinking and action, especially in the digital world.


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