PIRRC and PICISOC to revive Pacific Internet Governance Forum - 2017


Pacific Island States have received support from the World Bank for the funding of a Pacific ICT Regional Regulatory Development Project, referred to as PIRRC, through a Financing Agreement between the International Development Association (IDA) and the University of the South Pacific (USP). The development objective of the Project is to strengthen the capacity of ICT regulatory institutions in the Participating Countries, and enhance regional collaboration and knowledge sharing on ICT regulatory issues.

Several regional and international agencies, APNIC, ISOC, PACISOC, ICANN and the University of the South Pacific in discussion with PIRRC have noted the absence of and need for, enlightenment of all stakeholders in the ICT ecosystem regarding good governance of cyber space.

It was agreed that there was the need for a Pacific Internet Governance Forum to be held to discuss how best to ensure good governance of the Internet and facilitate the development of national societies that will work on the enhancement of a safe and secure Internet. It was further agreed that this Forum would follow up on the decisions and outcomes from the Inaugural Pacific Internet Governance Forum held in Noumea, New Caledonia in April 2011.


The Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (PIGF) is proposed to be an annual regional event of the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) process. The Pacific Forum is to serve as a platform for discussion, exchange and collaboration of Internet Governance issues in the Pacific region.

The stated objective of this intervention would be the improved regulatory and technical capabilities of member countries specifically with enlightened involvement in the governance of the Internet

Targeted participants

Representatives of stakeholder bodies in the Pacific, involved in the provision, use and regulation of cyberspace, including:

  1. ICT Regulators and Policy makers
  2. Providers of ICT Services
  3. Consumer bodies and advocacy groups;
  4. International agencies involved in the ICT eco-system
  5. ISOC and existing ISOC Pacific Chapters
  6. Experts on Internet Service provision and governance issues

Registration forms can be downloaded here