Tentative schedule for the 17th of May 2023.

08.00 am – 09.00 amWelcome and Opening Ceremony

  • Opening Prayer
  • Welcome and Introductory Remarks - Cherol A. Ianna, Director General, Ministry of Prime Minister and responsible for ICT

  • H.E. Ms Heidi Bootle, High Commissioner, Australian High Commission
  • Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Secretary General, International Telecommunications Union

Key Note Address:
  • Hon Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau Ma’aukoro (MP), Prime Minister and Minister responsible for ICT
Buffer time 5 mins
09.05 am – 10.05 amYumi Toktok

Ministerial Dialogue - Revolution to Service Delivery using ICTs

Objective(s): Digital transformation has the capability to strengthening public administration, government services, telecommunications infrastructure, and a new approach to responding to the needs of the citizen of Vanuatu.

Hon. Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau Ma’aukoro (MP) ,Prime Minister and Minister responsible for ICT
Hon. John Salong (MP), Minister, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management
Hon. Jotham Napat (MP) Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation & External Trade
Hon. Marcellino Barthelemy Telukluk (MP) ), Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure & Public Utilities
Hon. Matai Seremaiah (MP) , Minister, Ministry of Trade, Tourism, Cooperatives & Ni Vanuatu Business

Moderator: Stevenson Liu, Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation
Buffer time: 5 mins
10.10 am – 11.10 am Yumi Toktok

Highlight of how digital transformation drove Vanuatu’s LDC Graduation.

Objective(s): Vanuatu graduated out of LDC in 2022 to Developing Country (DC) status. Digital transformation has the capability to strengthening public administration, government services, and the telecommunications infrastructure. This panel discussion will:

  1. Highlight the experiences of Vanuatu on how digital transformation has impacted the drive to Vanuatu’s LDC graduation; and
  2. Share some lessons learnt for future planning and progress.
Panel Members:
  • John Ezra ,Director, Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination
  • James Willie, Acting Director, Department of Finance & Treasury
  • John Kaltau, Director, Tertiary Education Directorate, Ministry of Education & Training
  • Glen Greg, Chairman, Vanuatu Business Resilience Council
  • Nikunj Soni, Team Leader, Vanuatu Value Chain Programme
Moderator: Johnny Wilson, Managing Director, Bluzop Finance & Consultancy Services
Buffer time: 5 mins
11.15 am – 12.15 pm Yumi Toktok

Mobilizing and Tracking Progress: Accessibility to meaningful connectivity.

Objective(s): Universal connectivity alone is not enough to achieve Policy Objective ECO 2.9 of the NSDP 2030. Therefore, this panel discussion will:

  1. Share and discuss the challenges and lessons learnt from the existing approaches and frameworks to increase accessibility to connectivity; and
  2. Give a clear understanding of the future plans to ensuring citizens, residents including visitors to Vanuatu and businesses enjoy reliable access to meaningful connectivity for all.
Panel Members:
  • Gerard Metsan, Chief Information Officer, Office of the Government CIO
  • Thomas Bruce, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone
  • Yaser Maher, Chief Executive Officer, Digicel
  • Willie Karie, General Manager, Interchange Cable Ltd
Moderator: Johnny Wilson, Managing Director, Bluzop Finance & Consultancy Services
Buffer time: 5 mins
12.20 pm – 13.20 pm Yumi Toktok

Affordability - the challenges of affordability - device & connectivity

Objective(s): Affordability depends not only on price and income, but also on other competing spending choices available. Defining the affordability of ICT/Telecom services can be very hard depending on whether we examine using direct comparison(s) or international comparison(s). This discussion will help to:

Panel Members
  • Brian Winji, Regulator, Telecommunications Radiocommunication Broadcasting Regulator
  • Jessica Tarivonda, Deputy Director, Department of Customs & Inland Revenue
  • Minnie Bani, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Vanuatu Foreign Investment Authority
  • Witnol Benkor, President, Social Media Association Vanuatu

Moderator: Georgyanne Cherzo-Tasso, Program Manager, Australia - Vanuatu Governance for Growth Program
Buffer time: 5 mins
13.20 pm – 14.20 pm Yumi Toktok

Digital Skills - if it is the future, then are we doing enough already?

Objective(s): Studies found that successful digital skills development depends on a number of factors – including strong government involvement, teacher training, the importance of multi-stakeholder collaborations and local engagement. The panel discussion plans to:

  1. Share the experiences and lessons learnt of digital skills development in Vanuatu; and
  2. Enlighten clear way forward(s) to enhance digital skills development.
Panel Members:
  • David Lamboukly, Chief Executive Officer, Vanuatu Qualifications Authority
  • Fremden Yanhambath, Director, Vanuatu Skills Partnership
  • Dr. Gregoire Nimbtik [TBC]
  • Velenie Jacob, Manager, Narara Consulting
Moderator: Dalsie Baniala Tolang, Head of Pacific Division, Envision Associates
Buffer time: 5 mins
14.30 pm – 15.30 pm Yumi Toktok

The future of Government services: how can digitization of processes increase efficiency

Objective(s): Digitization of business processes within Government creates easy access to government services and save time when using them. This panel discussion will empower the audience by way of:

  1. hearing the testimonials from experts and experienced users; and
  2. the views from our Development Partners in terms of support towards digital transformation in Vanuatu.
Panel Members:
  • John Jack, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
  • Palen Ata, Manager, Policy and Planning, Vanuatu Police Force
  • Stanley Trief, Manager, Vanuatu Electronic Single Window Project
  • Shannon Ryan, Director, Australia - Vanuatu Governance of Growth Program

Moderator: Mary Hay / Asad Nile, Country Project Coordinator, UNCDF

Buffer time: 5 mins
15.35 pm – 16.25 pm Yumi Toktok

Digital Safety

Awareness Raising - Digital Safety Authority, Data Protection & Privacy and Harmful Digital Communication
Buffer time: 10 mins
16.30 pm – 17.00 pm Closing
  • Wrap up & Vote of thanks
  • Closing Remarks - Cherol A. Ianna, Director General, Ministry of Prime Minister responsible of ICT
17.30 pm & Onwards Celebration cocktail / Birthday Cake
Networking reception - ON INVITATION ONLY